Hospital Services

6th Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad

Reaccreditation Report


Hospital Services

The main objective of  Founder Executive President  Hon. Prof. Dr. V. D. Karad behind setting up hospital in the city of Latur was to provide all the facilities, which are available at hospitals in the major cities like Aurangabad, Mumbai, Pune & Hyderabad at Yeshwantrao Chanvan Rural Hospital, Latur itself.   Latur is far away from these cities and it is practically very difficult to take patients to these centers for treatment by road and also treatment at such cities is not affordable to financially weaker sections of society.  Taking into consideration these problems, Y.C. R. Hospital is established and it provides the following services and facilities.

• Casualty:


  1. No. of beds - 30.
  2. Additional 20 bedded ward for disaster management.
  3. Well equipped with modern instruments / equipments.
  4. Minor and major O.T.
  5. Round the clock medical services.


Endoscopy, G.I. Endoscopy, Cystoscopy, Branchoscopy.


Stress Test.


Knee replacement and hip replacement are done in our hospital by the super specialty doctors from Solapur and Pune.


Dialysis Unit with 5 machines & well trained staff.






Blood bank:


  1. Well equipped.
  2. All Blood Components are available.
  3. Round the clock service.
  4. Competent and qualified staff.





• C.C.L.:



  1. Well equipped with all modern machinery of advanced technology.
  2. 24 hour services.
  3. Pathology, Microbiology, Biochemistry investigative services are provided.
  4. Competent and qualified staff.


• I.C.C.U.:

1. Thirteen bedded I.C.C.U. equipped with all advance technology instruments and equipments with ventilator support.

2. 24 hours Resident doctors are available and are supervised by senior consultants of each clinical faculty.

3. Separate pediatric N.I.C.U. and P.I.C.U. run by pediatric department.






• O.T.:

  1. All surgical departments have separate OT’s.
  2. There is separate septic OT.
  3. Equipped with sophisticated instruments / equipments.
  4. Total 11 O.T.
  5. Competent and qualified staff.



• Ward:

Total 22 wards – separate wards for male and female patients with all required facilities as per norms.







• Radiology:

Following facilities are available in Radiology Department:

1. M.R.I.

2. CT - scan

3. 2 - D Echo

4. Mammography

5. sonography

6. X-ray

7. Color Doppler

8. IVP


•Another Facility & Services:

Following facility & services are available in Yeshwantrao Chavan Rural Hospital, Latur.

1. Dialysis

2. Endoscopy, G.I. Endoscopy, Cystoscopy, Brancogoscopy.

3. Janani Suraksha Yojna.

4. R.S.B.Y.

5. B.P.L.

6. Stress Test.

7. Color Doppler.


  • Various Schemes Implemented in our hospital
  1. Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Yojana
  2. Janani Suraksha Yojna.
  3. Free of cost services to Below Poverty Line patients.
  4. Mobile medical unit serving 60 peripheral villages.


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