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Consultancy by the faculty is a domain area of the institution and brings in revenue of more than Rs. 10 lakhs per year. The institute offers consultancy services. In most of the departments, these services are given free of cost and no revenue is generated. Besides this, most of the staff members offer informal consultancy to patients and general public.

Following is the list of important consultancy services offered by our institute:

1. Department of Ophthalmology of our institute offers consultancy services to District Blind Control Society (DBCS) and participates in national blindness control programme implemented by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The department has generated revenue of Rs. 10,25,250/- for the year 2010. The department of Ophthalmology also offers consultancy in eye donation drive.

2. Department of Pathology of our institute offers consultancy services to needy patients from Latur City for histopathology services and generates revenue from the same. The total revenue generated for the year 2010 is Rs. 13,400/-.

3. Department of Microbiology of our institute offers services to Government and private hospitals in Latur district for investigation of operation theatre sepsis – by processing operation theatre swabs (O.T. swabs) and generates revenue. The revenue generated in the year 2010 is Rs. 12,900/-.

4. Dr. B. S. Nagoba, Assistant Dean (R&D) offers consultancy services in the following areas:

a. As a nominee of Department of Biotechnology (DBT nominee) of Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India on Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBSC), he offers consultancy for Biosafety precautions and approval of research protocols.

b. He also offers consultancy services as an expert faculty in medical education and offers his services to colleges inviting him as an expert faculty for training of teachers in medical education. He has offered his services to many medical colleges, including Medical College, Bidar, Sangareddy, Jalgaon and Talegaon.

5. Department of Anatomy offers consultancy services in body donation drives. Three teachers from Anatomy Department motivate people for body donation through informal talks, discussions, etc.

6. Three teachers from OBGY offer consultancy services in the cancer detection drive of Zilla Parishad, Latur.

7. One teacher from Psychiatry Department is the member of the Student Counseling Committee and offers free consultancy to failed students.

8. Ten teachers from PSM department are offering consultancy services in Health Education in various schools, rural areas, urban slums, etc.

The beneficiaries of these consultancy services are:

• Patients – most common

• General Public

• Teachers from other medical colleges

• Students from other medical colleges

• Private and Government Hospitals like PHC / RH, etc.

9. Mr. A. V. Wadagale, Lecture in PSM (Statistics) offers consultancy to online quarries regarding statistical applications.

10. Dr. Sachin Somwanshi, Asso.Prof. Physiology, offers consultancy regarding Exercise and Nutrition.

11. Dr. A.S. Yadav and Dr. M.B. Madole, Dept. of Biochemistry, offer consultancy services to Diabetic patients regarding Nutrition.

12. Dr. P. R. Gade and Mr. S. M. Kolhe from Dept. of Pharmacology offer consultancy services as resource persons / faculty for various workshops.

13. Dr. Mrs. S. B. Mantri and Dr. S. K. Wadde, Dept. of PSM, offer consultancy services as faculty / Resource persons in Workshops/ Seminars.

14. Dr. A. S. Ganu, Dr. Mrs. M. A. Ganu, Dr. J. K. Deshmukh, Dr. A. S. Daithankar and Dr. Rahul Sul, Dept. of Medicine, offer special consultancy services during multidiagnostic camps.

15. Dr. S. K. Ali, Dept. of TB & Chest, offers special consultancy services on tuberculosis /asthma.

16. Dr. B. S. Warad, Dept. of Surgery, offers special consultancy services in Oncology.

17. Dr. S. S. Somani, and Dr. B. H. Paike offer consultancy services as faculty / Resource persons in various conferences/ workshops.

18 Dr. Vikram Sarda, Dept. of Surgery, offers special consultancy services in Urology.

19. Dr. Mrs. M.S. Kulkarni offers consultancy on female feticide through URJA Foundation, Latur (NGO).

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