Health Education Activities (HEA)

Dept. of PSM sees health education as one of the important tools to diagnose and treat and let the people know about various preventive measures.

Our Health team is creating awareness among the community about various important public health problems existing in our country. It helps in creating awareness in community and help them to adopt an ideal lifestyle which will keep people health anf fit.

Various health educational activities are being regularly performed.

  1. Role-play and rallies on varous public health problems.
  2. Awareness about importance of immunization for children.
  3. Awareness regarding safe and potable water
  4. Importance of handwashing with demonstration
  5. Importance of ORS as a life saving measure
  6. Preventive measures during epidemic
  7. Disaster preparedness
  8. Advantages of breast feeding
  9. Prevention of swine flu
  10. Awareness of AIDS and sex education in D. Ed and B. Ed colleges.
  11. Yoga in diabetes and hypertension
  12. Public meetings for de-addiction programme
  13. Antismoking campaign
  14. Lecture on Control of “Diarrhoeal Diseases” organized in collaboration with IMA, Latur
  15. Workshop on AIDS for students of Arts & Sciences College, Latur





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